Artist’s Residence

Architecture: Dimitra Marini

Interior Design: Dimitra Marini

Construction: Dimitra Marini

Building area: 80m² 

Location: Athens, Attiki, Greece

Year of completion: 2016


Built in 1939 and situated in the very heart of the ancient city of Athens, this 80 m² apartment is the home and working space of an Architect and Sculptor. The space is renovated with great respect to the particular architectural elements of the Art Deco artistic movement that flourished in Athens between 1930 and 1940. The floors are partly reconstructed and restored to highlight the exceptional herringbone wooden structure in the living and working area. The durable mosaic floor, which is restored and polished, creates a reference to the contemporary industrial flooring. 

The architect’s working table is constructed by a local technician, while the drawers are carved by a church temple sculptor. The built-in kitchen cabinets are preserved and combined with new architectural elements to integrate the needs of a contemporary household. The bathroom is carefully redesigned to revive all the chromatic and aesthetic elements of Art Deco while combining 7 different tile types, including marble. The door of the housekeeper’s bedroom is replaced by a double door to create a secret passage, while the original front door is placed at the master bedroom giving an outdoor effect to the main corridor of the apartment.