Kidcare Pediatrics

Architecture: Dimitra Marini

Interior Design: Dimitra Marini

Artworks: Dimitra Marini, Antonios Chalyvidis, Petros Dermatas 

Project management: Maria Toulia 

Building area: 160m²  

Location: Kareas, Attiki, Greece 

Year of completion: 2016 

Photographer: Chris Doulgeris

Kidcare Pediatrics an architectural challenge of creating a health space suitable for the harmonious accomodation of the pediatric and ophthalmology practice. The interactive installations at the waiting area are designed around the children’s need for sensory stimuli. We took advantage of the learning opportunities through experimentation, while at the same time we winked at the parents, awakening memories of their childhood. The parametric design of the waiting area, reminiscent of backbone, refers to the rod of Asclepius, which is widely used today as a symbol in medicine and health care services.