Chalandri Residence

Architecture: Dimitra Marini
Interior Design: Dimitra Marini 
Building area: 370m²  
Location: Chalandri, Attiki, Greece 
Year of completion: 2017 
Photographer: Chris Doulgeris


The building in Chalandri is a contemporary residence designed around the request of the owner – chef for a spacious and bright living room in dialogue with the kitchen. The space is formed around the center of the two-storey living room, next to which is the open kitchen, allowing communication with the guests during the preparation of the food. The perforated railing of the mezzanine allows the unobstructed view of the living room and large openings in the facade. The monochrome palette of the open space is complemented by the rich color palette of the corridors and the secondary spaces, which helps the user to build a space perception. On the one hand, the architectural composition defines the limits between the living spaces from the bedrooms, while on the other hand, the big windows expand the view to the outdoors and the natural ventilation and the lighting of all the rooms.