My art work is mainly focused on interactive media installations and site-specific projects. I have been designing and implementing large-scale projects in which I have incorporated visual art as an indispensable part of the morphology and content of constructions. I perceive architecture and art as fragments that are desperately seeking their way to a solid new-era genre where they can exist as one, while overcoming the indifference of the over-stimulated homo sapiens and deliver a new experience .


derive my inspiration from recorded surprises, first readings and experiences, whom I have a strong desire to revive. Moving from their traces to the present, I try to discover the figurative elements that they are composed of and rebuild them. I observe urban environment and how people are trying to expand and be familiarised in it. I use the conclusions from that observation to create unexpected experiences, which I want to expose in the urban environment where art can be viewed and stimulate everyone.