Reelhub Project

Architecture: Dimitra Marini
Interior Design: Dimitra Marini
Construction: Dimitra Marini
Building area: 100m²
Location: Akadimia Platonos, Attiki, Greece
Year of completion: 2020
Photographer: Chris Doulgeris


Reelhub Project is a synergy of people working in creative domains and it is located at a 100m² ground floor in Academia Palatonos. In this working class area of low houses we envisioned a space to create and host transcendental architectural and art projects. The large sign of the glorious era of VHS in its facade with the colorful rainbow is preserved as a tribute to the video club “Aquarius” that pre-existed. The retro elements of the video club are carefully revived to create frames in the interior, inspired by the aesthetics of that time. A fusion of 80s retro elements and the minimal white of the meeting room, are combined with a David Lynch cinematic style, which emerges from the small theater area. Past shelves for DVD & VHS are now showcases for artworks and bookshelves. Past magenta fluorescent lamps have been replaced with led ones and the older suspended ceilings were maintained also. We framed the blooming plane tree right across the street to create an interior setting for those working at the central hot desk. Display stands in the perimeter of the space host periodic exhibitions of our artistic community, sculptures, installations and paintings. Reelhub, which means the spindle of the tape, stands for the bonding between creative forces that emerge from our rich cultural present and memories.