Acropolis Penthouse

Architecture: Dimitra Marini
Interior Design: Dimitra Marini 
Construction: Dimitra Marini 
Building area: 28m² 
Location: Acropolis, Attiki, Greece
Year of completion: 2019 
The monument of the Acropolis and the hill of Philopappos is the canvas on which this 28m² space is created. The facade towards the historic rock has been completely replaced by the 3.5m long opening, revealing a periscopic view to the most important landmarks of the area. The element of water is introduced on the veranda with the built-in jacuzzi which follows the axes of the pre-existing building. In the previous metal partition of the veranda, the glass curtains are replaced in a way that reveals the southeastern side of the Parthenon, while maintaining the privacy of the residents. The interior was organized around the core idea of ​​serving the needs through the fluid boundaries between them. Organizing different functions of the space in a way that reveals or hides, on a case-by-case basis, backstage activities such as the kitchen and the shower, is the key to the architectural composition. At the same time, their boundaries are reflected in the frequent alternation of materials and colors. The wooden curtain hides the bathroom, the concrete floor succeeds the wood, the small dining room hides the kitchen and all together compose the prominent interior frame that is visible in the central space. The large tiles in the bathroom compose a smooth surface, without joints. Drilling the roof to create the skylight over the shower is one of the most dynamic gestures to increase natural light.