iSquare Stand for the 83rd TIF

Title: iSource
Design: Dimitra Marini
Construction: Dimitra Marini
Perimetric construction: Octapus
Αrea: 13m² 
Event: 83th TIF, Thessaloniki International Fair
Location: Exhibition center Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece
Year of completion: 2018
Videor: Alexandros Sikalias


Throughout the years, one of Apple’s core values has been to eliminate complexity. Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and all of the Apple products and their operating systems, are being developed together in a way that allows the ecosystem to flow elegantly, efficiently and fluently, just like water. The translucent globe, like a drop of water which is captured at the exact moment before its outflow, is offered as a gift to the final recipient. This artistic visualization of the water, enclosing a holographic representation of the Apple products, leads the viewer to make the connection between the highest natural commodity and Apple’s core value of making technology a commodity, accessible to all.
The pavilion has a circular arrangement to allow the unobstructed view of the artwork in the center by passers-by and visitors, while round seats and showcases of the promotional material are organized in the perimeter of the stand. To respond to the challenge of the limited area of 13m², we created a hologram of all the Apple products by only using the iMac, the epitome of the Apple products. At the same time, the ergonomics of the central construction meet the challenge of the fast and accurate installation required by the event, while designing it to be portable allowed us to transfer the construction for permanent exhibition in the lobby of the iSquare headquarters after the end of the event.