Cosmoscope – 2017

The Exhibition

Cosmoscope, 2017
Interactive, VR
Award winning, at the art contest Coderail 2017 of the National Railway Infrastructure 
Presented at:
Metro station platform of Larisis, Athens, Greece         Factory of the OSE SA is the National Railway Infrastructure administrator          83rd Thessaloniki International fair at Helexpo – national institution for the organization of Exhibitions, congresses and cultural events
Cosmoscope is an observation machine that reconstructs reality and overturns time and space. Suspended by the roof of the train platform gives the commuters the illusion of navigating to the above environment. Through a virtual reality system, the installation transfers the viewer to the emblematic building of the National Railway Infrastructure known as “Rotonda”, built in 1905.
Technical advisor: Nikos Agorastidis, Antonis Syrganidis   Video: Xenofontas Sakellariou    Photography: Alexander Sikalias      Digital Panorama: George Tatakis   Technological support: Samsung