Alimos Residence

 Architecture: Dimitra Marini
Interior Design: Dimitra Marini
Construction: Dimitra Marini
Building area: 160m²
Location: Alimos, Attiki, Greece
Year of completion: 2012
Photographer: Dimitris Papoutsis


The house in Alimos is located on a hill and is developing on three floors with the latter overlooking the port of Piraeus. The assignment of this residence was aiming at creating a contemporary house in the extension of an older one. Based on its integration in the older shell, the staircase rests on the perimeter masonry and on the new reinforced concrete slab. The staircase is a construction with its aesthetics resulting from the construction constraints. While the staircase is light and permeable to light in the space, during its ascent the wooden steps are designed to prevent any view of the gap. Built-in storage spaces and mirrors expand the space, while the open kitchen is designed in such a way as to hide the process of the food preparation. On the outer balcony, the perforated railing allows an unobstructed sea view.